One API for multiple payment gateways

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One API for multiple payment gateways

In today’s age, online technology is trending and blooming. Likewise, now you can multiple payment gateways integration under one API. In this blog, you will walk through the payment gateways and how Payomatix makes your life easier. 

Let’s get started. 

What is a payment gateway?

Payment gateways are services that allow merchants to accept and make online payments. The payments take place through their e-commerce websites.

Well, if you haven’t picked the correct payment gateway provider, establishing a startup smoothly can be tough. Customers should easily interact on your website with the correct payment gateway provider.

 If you disregard the most vital component of your website, which is integrating the payment gateway, you are unlikely to achieve the desired outcome on your website. It’s the equivalent of constructing a posh shop without an adequate billing counter.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a type of written instruction that connects two devices. It also helps in connecting applications. It also helps a database to share information.

It is the software language that makes it easier for you to do things online or on smartphones.

You are always using APIs all the time whether you are aware of it or not but yes! It is true.

Let’s take the example of the online airline ticket. That is booked through a third-party reservations site. So it is the API that powers the connection between the travelling provider and the airline.

By far hopefully, you have understood the meaning of API and payment gateways. 

Let’s get further.

One API for Multiple payment gateways

Let’s get into the multiple payment gateways one by one. Understand its pros and cons. 


Paytm payment gateway indeed rocks the chart. Because it is one of the most scoring fintech players in India without any doubt. No one can argue with the reliability of the Paytm services.

Paytm payment gateway is the most important Paytm product from a small or big business perspective.

It does not matter if you are a small roadside stall or a medium-size startup, Paytm payment gateways have enough of the features to cover you.

Paytm not only offers a really wide range of benefits but also makes the process of merchant onboarding quite easy.

Advantages of Paytm payment gateway

  • Well, there is no doubt whenever we do an online transaction, the only thing we think about is security. By using the safest payment gateways, Paytm ensures successful secured payment.
  • Easily accepts payment from multiple sources. There is no limit in the Paytm payment gateway on the payment methods. It offers six different ways to the customers to pay for the purchases:

1. Paytm Wallet

2. Bank account via UPI

3. Debit or credit cards

4. Netbanking

5. EMI option on cards

6. Paytm PostPaid

  • Paytm payment gateway gives the option to checkout with saved cards. This feature reduces transaction times. Other than cards, the gateway offers the means to save the details of the Paytm wallet. Also, save the details of  UPI ID and merchant gift vouchers.


  • Merchants are paying 4% for transferring money from Paytm to the bank account.
  • Paytm is not available on most of the prominent websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.
  • The customer service of Paytm is not up to the mark and does not meet the expectations. They are not instantly responsive.
  • We cannot send wallet money by using UPI services.
  • Paytm does not allow adding money using UPI services.

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Razor Pay

It is a bridging mode of payment that transcends the payments in other banks. It gives access to our desires easily and quickly. It doesn’t even let us worry about cash available in our wallets.

Due to pandemics & the imposition of lockdown, people realised the need for paperless currency. A reliable gateway through which they can make their payment feel safe.

Among all, Razorpay stands out ahead. It provides an optimum feature of

  • Automotive bank transfer
  • Invoices,
  • Account of payroll which eases the efforts of merchants.

Advantages of Razor Pay

  • Ease in making payments domestically and internationally with minimum efforts. By taking a subscription, you shall feel free of all the mental burdens. You have to trust the system by putting minimum details of your business and payment methods. The rest is the task of the system.
  • Constantly analysing the real-time data helps your decision-making easy to conduct further action.
  • Active customer service helps sort out any issue related to payments. You don’t have to wait for long hours on your device.

Disadvantages of Razor Pay

  • Stringent inclination to accept payments only using credit cards. It does not allow other methods of payment which makes it difficult for customers.
  • Inability to send various webhooks for different products
  • The high failure rate for international transactions.
  • Unavailability in other apps can help in making money transactions easy.

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If you don’t know, PayPal is one of the most popular gateways and is well known in countries around the world. Millions of retailers are using PayPal. To cater to millions of consumers using this same platform around the world.

With the change and evolution in technology, customers are getting smarter. as they enjoy retail shopping from the comfort of their home.

Advantages of PayPal

  • Paypal is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use.  It is very simple and manageable. Even if you are buying an item online or just setting Paypal as a payment option for your business.
  • It is very easy to review the transactions by browsing the transaction page.
  • Invoice monitoring and creating is quite easy in PayPal and needs fewer efforts. Small business owners can copy-paste the financial data they need from PayPal’s interface.
  • With the encryption feature in hand, PayPal protects its customer’s data to the highest possible standard of security.
  • PayPal does charge fees but sending money to a friend or a family member does not fall under the same category. It does not involve any charges and is free of cost.

Disadvantages of Paypal

  • Paypal indeed is free for personal use, but it does charge for business use. Relatively, if you are making money using PayPal then PayPal will make money too. Paypal charges 2.9% ($0.30) when receiving money for goods and services.
  • Paypal freezes accounts without any warning. It gets disastrous for the business.
  • When you transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account, some banks require transaction fees. Although this depends on the bank, it is a fixed amount and it does not matter how much money you received from PayPal.

Check out PayPal merchant fees


It is a Bangalore-based Indian company that helps in selling products or collecting payments. It also helps with shipping and delivery issues.

Simply put, Instamojo is an advanced application. It has a prime focus on providing the easiest way to sell goods and to collect payments.

It is the best way to offer splendid solutions to digital entrepreneurs. It also simplifies e-commerce for Indians.

Authors can sell their eBooks easily. Photographers can sell their images and freelancers can easily sell their services.

Advantages of Instamojo

  • It very well handles disputes between buyer and seller. It provides a fair decision to solve the problem.
  • Its payment gateway is quite easy to use. It also provides trustable security for the transaction of the funds.
  • Account creation takes just some minutes, it is a quick and advanced application.
  • It helps in conducting online business. It also helps in achieving height in the digital world.

The disadvantage of Instamojo

  • The verification process is not up to the mark as it does not verify documents deeply.
  • It has a very annoying customer-care support system. You need to raise a ticket for every minor problem.
  • Slow reaction and delay in reply from customer care support. Eventually leads to delay the important transactions and solutions to the problems.

Check out the Instamojo page

How Payomatix helps in solving the multiple payment gateway issues.

Well, every gateway shares its advantages & disadvantages. But when you are in a business you need all of them. However, having multiple gateways under the various platforms is a challenge. That’s when Payomatix comes into the picture. Payomatix lets you integrate multiple gateways under one roof.

A sole platform in India that enables businesses to connect several PSPs to a single API with only a few clicks. It aims at making payment processing simple.

Why choose Payomatix?

The Payomatix checkout service is advantageous to all businesses. Right from those who are new to the world of online payments to those that already have a payment gateway in place.

  • Through a single integration, you can access multiple payment gateways.
  • All transactions are managed and checked from a single dashboard.
  • Checkout in a jiffy with just one click
  • Superior Payment Experience for Customers

We assist Indian businesses in reducing poor customer satisfaction and cart abandonment. We ensure implementing world-class security measures, simple checkout methods, and quick processing.


To grow your business, you have to use an advanced level of integration. You can not let go of a client because of payment issues. Every client is important right from onboarding to check out. 


In case of a technical snag of one payment gateway, Payomatix automatically directs the client to another. Payomatix aims to provide smooth services to merchants. 

To become successful you need numbers. Payomatix helps you achieve your success by attaching wings to it. 

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