India’s First Unified Payment Platform

Revolutionize your payment processing with PayoMatix by Integrating one API for all. Create an enterprise-grade payment stack to use multiple payment services and PSPs in one dashboard.

Streamline your payments, And Simplify your Business

One API with Multiple PSPs & Endless possibilities


Get lightning-fast payment processing with our all-in-one platform and minimal third-party interactions. Unified screening for multiple PSPs and gateways.


Experience best-in-class reliability and speed with our optimized API responses, routing, fraud screening, and high-volume processing.

Data Driven

Get granular transaction data, reconciliation, and dispute management anytime, anywhere. Take control of your data with our robust reporting APIs.

PayoMatix – Your Strategic Payments Partner

Streamline your payment processing and gain more flexibility with PayoMatix – India’s FIRST PLATFORM that allows businesses to integrate multiple PSPs under a single API with just a few clicks.

Highly Secure payment gateway for multi-payment sources

Unified Dashboard for new and existing payment methods

No Re-Integration Hassles to accept new PSPs instantly

Take control of Payment with more granular webhook data

Simplify Your Payment, Scale Your Business

Maximize your revenue potential and minimize costs with PayoMatix’s tailored, end-to-end payment solutions. Explore our enterprise-grade payment stack that takes your business to the next level!


Time to boost flexibility and minimize your regulatory burden with seamless, secure, and reliable payment experience for your business.

Unified Dashboard

A single dashboard to handle all your payments in one place.

Go Global

Take your business to the global level with endless payment options

Unlimited PSPs

Access to unlimited PSPs with a single click for flexible payments.

Connect To the World’s
Payment Ecosystem with PayoMatix

With Easy Payment Solutions, PayoMatix is a reliable platform for Merchants, Fintech, and Payment Aggregators.