White Label Payment Gateway: Benefits for a PSP

Ecommerce platform using payment gateway for customers

Introduction A white label payment gateway is a payment solution that you can use to sell your products and services online. With a white label payment gateway, you can accept credit cards and other forms of payments directly from your customers, rather than having to rely on third party processors such as Stripe or Paypal. […]

How do alternative payment methods help global merchants?

Introduction Alternative payment methods (APMs) are payment methods other than card payments that are offered to customers during checkout. APMs can be a great way to increase your conversion rate and attract new shoppers. However, only a small number of merchants offer alternative payment methods in their stores. This article will explain why you should […]

What does it take to create a profitable digital merchant payment service?

girl and boy making digital payment using mobile phone

For all sizes of merchants, the global potential for digitising payments is $19 trillion. In this blog, you will learn about what it takes to build a successful digital merchant payment service.   Prior the merchants used to deal in cash and manual processes to manage their businesses. But in today’s era, several fintech startups came […]

“Merchant accounts and Payment gateways: Everything you need to know”

Merchant Processing payment with card through payment gateway

If you are an e-commerce merchant, you must have heard of things such as payment gateways, merchant accounts, online payment solutions, and so on. And even if you are not a merchant, but want to start your online store, worry not. Through this blog, we will discuss everything from payment gateways to merchant accounts, and […]

Multiple Payment Gateways – the key to multiple happy customers

customer paying through multiple payment gateways on an e-commerce website

It’s no secret that everyone running a business wants to grow their revenue and Indian businesses have undergone a plethora of changes, especially in the last two decades. This is primarily due to the fact that in today’s digital age, in order to drive faster growth, businesses and merchants require perpetual technological innovation. Hence, to […]

IBAN – What is it and how is it important?

Sending money internationally with the help of iBAN transfer

Organizations are always looking for simple and effective ways to make cross border payments as frictionless as possible for themselves, and their clients. Traditional business account solutions often involve lengthy and time-consuming onboarding processes during set up. It is essential that ongoing resources need to be allocated to ensure all banking relationships are maintained appropriately. […]

What do you mean by API Integration and types of API Integration?

Representing api and integration process of api

An API that isn’t comprehensible isn’t usable.  -James Gosling API has emerged as the new buzzword, it seems. No matter where you go, you will come across the word API being uttered by almost every technical peep. Are you someone working in the sectors of marketing, operations or revenue? If yes, it is not surprising […]

“Payment Gateways: Everything you need to know” 

Visual representation of types of payment gateways

A payment gateway is an instrument that safely authenticates the credit card details of your customer, guaranteeing that funds are accessible for you to get paid. They are the services that charter credit card payments for online, as well as offline businesses. Payment gateways are online counterparts of the offline point-of-sale systems at shops, supermarkets, […]

India’s unconventional shift to adopting Digital Payments

A person doing online mobile transaction to buy services

The pandemic has undoubtedly influenced a myriad of sectors in the world, at large, and our country, in particular. Among all these areas, the digital payments ecosystem has experienced tremendous growth. Will you be shocked to know that the net worth of digital transactions in 2020, the first year of the pandemic, was $2.9 trillion? […]