Fintech – The Promising Future 

Financial Technology or FinTech is transforming the picture of the financial market at a pace no one had ever dreamt of in the past. The fact can not be denied that Fintech has emerged to be a great buzzword. But…don’t you think the hype it is receiving is actually worth its current value in the […]

How is FinTech changing the world?

In today’s high-tech world, wonders of technology are not surprising for anyone. The Revolution of technology is shaping the business world in almost every field like human resources, marketing, etc.  Marketers are drowning in digital marketing benefits & finance managers are embracing the technology. Smart innovations push the finance sector into a new technological era […]

Future Of Fintech In 2030 

In the last decade, fintech has grown at a rapid rate. It is not only changing payments and investing methods but also how exactly businesses work.  For bankers and traders, financial technology was just the back-office support. Capitalists barely looked at this sector. Companies in the industries were not seen as high growth darlings of […]