What made FinTech thrive in the era of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Fintech is booming in the era of COVID and how it is helping the people

When the outburst of COVID-19 first hit the world, all the major businesses were shut down leading to an economical crash. Name one sector that wasn’t affected. Transportation was at a halt because people didn’t step out of home because of several lockdowns. Hospitality and tourism sectors were affected too because of the same and […]

“Automated Payment Reconciliation to Elevate Your Business” 

What is payment Reconciliation and how automated payment reconciliation can elevate your business

Revenue collection is a ride or die in a business. Keeping track of the expenditure and revenue are two integral processes that make a business. Well chronicled accounting practices ensure businesses are operating well and are heading towards growth. The only failproof way to safeguard the financial fitness of your business is by establishing a […]

The Rise of Neobanking

Virtual banking services provides by Neobanks

Aren’t you tired of waiting endlessly in lines at the bank just for a simple transaction or an answer to a query? Well, with the rise of neo banking, looks like all that is about to change! What are neo-banks? Neo-banks are online-only fintech companies that operate exclusively digitally via mobile apps.  They are digital banks […]

How is FinTech changing the world?

Growth of business as Fintech is booming all over the world

In today’s high-tech world, wonders of technology are not surprising for anyone. The Revolution of technology is shaping the business world in almost every field like human resources, marketing, etc.  Marketers are drowning in digital marketing benefits & finance managers are embracing the technology. Smart innovations push the finance sector into a new technological era […]

How Crypto is reshaping finance and the world at large

Using cryptocurrency for goods and services through digital payments

Technical innovations have been foreshown as the “future of business”. From simple printing machines to iPhones, industries are pinning their hope on technology. The aim is to operate everything with significant coherence and security.  No one knows which technology is going to have the next big impact in the industrial and technological fields. Yet, there […]

The competitive landscape of Fintech in India

representing fintech industry by a bank where two business owners dealing with each other

Fintech companies have established themselves as strong competitors in the financial-services sector, but now they are facing a new challenge: mainstream banks have gradually started to offer fintech-like services including early pay check access and no-fee overdrafts. For financial institutions in particular, fintech denotes both a threat to business-as-usual and significant opportunity, promising new markets, […]