What does it take to create a profitable digital merchant payment service?

girl and boy making digital payment using mobile phone

For all sizes of merchants, the global potential for digitising payments is $19 trillion. In this blog, you will learn about what it takes to build a successful digital merchant payment service.   Prior the merchants used to deal in cash and manual processes to manage their businesses. But in today’s era, several fintech startups came […]

“Payment Pages for Your Online Store.” 

We live in a digitally-driven era. Brands that have digitised their presence are doing extremely well on a global level. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of business persons have started online stores for their businesses. Creating an online store or creating your business account on an e-commerce website enhances brand awareness […]

“QR codes: A Revolutionary Technology Shaping the Future of Online Businesses” 

two people scanning qr code to make payment

Technology has a lion’s share in uplifting online businesses. Evolving technologies are drastically transforming the world of online businesses and e-commerce stores. They are optimising the world and aiding modern customers to connect with brands in a very convenient way. These dramatic transformations open up an array of dynamic, new business opportunities for stores that […]

The rise of E-commerce: How did it impact the retail sector?

consumers doing online shopping on ecommerce platforms

Retail revolution or an apocalypse, what do you think the rise of e-commerce led to? With electronic commerce skyrocketing and becoming a force, it had its impact on different sectors. Electronic commerce refers to buying or selling of goods and services through electronic mediums. The Internet plays a major role here. Digital literacy has grown […]

No Code Payment Landscape

Setting up e-commerce payment platform with no code website and api

Just a few decades ago, launching an online business was viewed as a trend that was reserved only for a handful of entrepreneurs. Today, it’s one of the most vital outlets for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Online retail, e-commerce businesses, and subscription services have become crucial in terms of the relationship between industrialists […]

Has COVID made the E-commerce sector boom?

Customers purchasing online from an e-commerce store and making online payments

E-commerce is not the traditional way of running a business but the modern way. Electric communication between two or more people makes it an e-business. You want to buy something? It’s just a click away. You want to sell something? It’s just a click away again. Whether you are a consumer or a seller, e-commerce […]

What do you mean by API Integration and types of API Integration?

Representing api and integration process of api

An API that isn’t comprehensible isn’t usable.  -James Gosling API has emerged as the new buzzword, it seems. No matter where you go, you will come across the word API being uttered by almost every technical peep. Are you someone working in the sectors of marketing, operations or revenue? If yes, it is not surprising […]

“Payment Gateways: Everything you need to know” 

Visual representation of types of payment gateways

A payment gateway is an instrument that safely authenticates the credit card details of your customer, guaranteeing that funds are accessible for you to get paid. They are the services that charter credit card payments for online, as well as offline businesses. Payment gateways are online counterparts of the offline point-of-sale systems at shops, supermarkets, […]

The future of E-commerce: the influence on tertiary sector and employment

E-commerce platform where customers are shopping

The pandemic, no doubt, induced a boom in e-commerce, the online shopping approach is growing at a great speed. The shift towards the digital world has the absolute potential of becoming permanent. Why? It’s because of the convenience and flexibility it offers to the consumers. E-commerce was performing well pre-COVID too but all of a […]