White Label Payment Gateway: Benefits for a PSP

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A white label payment gateway is a payment solution that you can use to sell your products and services online. With a white label payment gateway, you can accept credit cards and other forms of payments directly from your customers, rather than having to rely on third party processors such as Stripe or Paypal. This allows you to keep all the money from sales that would otherwise go towards their fees!

What is a White-Label Payment Gateway?

A white label payment gateway is a payment gateway that is branded for the PSP (payment service provider). It’s not a generic payment gateway.

It’s a solution provided by a payment provider, to serve more customers and make it easier for online businesses to accept card payments.

The white label solution offered by Payomatix, for example, provides everything you need to accept multiple types of cards or mobile payments from any country in the world:

Who can use a White-Label payment gateway?

  • Anyone who wants to accept payments online without having to spend time and money on development.
  • Anyone who wants to accept payments online without having to spend time and money on maintenance.
  • You can use it if you are an individual or SME that needs an online payment solution, but do not want or cannot afford the costs of developing your own system.

How much does a White-Label payment gateway cost?

White label payment gateway costs are based on the features you need. Typically, it is a monthly flat fee with an additional transaction fee.

The first factor that affects cost is your business model. For example, if you plan to process only domestic payments and want to support multiple currencies, then you need a white label solution that supports these features—and this will add cost. On the other hand, if all your transactions are domestic with one currency and no international support needed, then these can be avoided (with a cheaper white label solution). Another factor affecting cost is how many users need access to the system; this determines whether or not licensing is required or if there’s an additional license fee (and if so how much). Finally, there are also annual fees for technical support services which can range from $500 -$800 per year depending on whether one time technical support training has been provided upfront for initial setup

Can I create my own payment gateway?

Yes, you can create your own payment gateway. However, it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of payment processing and development. Moreover, you will need to hire a team of developers to ensure that everything works properly and meets your expectations.

As for the cost factor — it all depends on what kind of project we’re talking about: whether it’s a simple clone or something more complex like white label solutions for PSPs or online stores; if there are any extras like integrations with 3rd party services (e-commerce platforms etc.). If you want to make sure that everything falls into place flawlessly from day one then expect to pay quite a lot for this kind of service

How does a White-Label payment gateway work?

A white label payment gateway is a payment gateway that is branded by the PSP and can be used to accept payments. This means that it is integrated into their website and hosted by them. It can also be integrated with other payment gateways.

To learn more about how this works in practice, let’s take a closer look at what happens when a customer pays for something using your white label payment gateway:

  • The customer chooses “pay with PayPal” on your checkout page on your site or app, which redirects them to PayPal’s website.
  • They log in if they’re not already logged into their account and enter their shipping details (if applicable).
  • Once they’ve entered everything needed, they’ll see a summary of all the items being purchased before paying for them with funds from their PayPal balance or bank account/card stored within their account (if available).

Benefits of a White-Label Payment Gateway

One of the main benefits of a white label payment gateway is its ability to allow access to new technologies and features. With no need for customization, your business can quickly enter the market with all the functionality that you require.

Another benefit is that it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of maintenance. As you do not need to change anything on your side, it will make things much easier when dealing with any problems or issues that may arise. This can help save time as well as money since there are fewer tasks involved in maintaining such an integration than if it had been installed directly using your own codebase or other software programme.

It’s the fastest way to enter the market.

A white label payment gateway is the fastest way to enter the market. You don’t have to build your own payment gateway, and you can use your own branding. You can start accepting payments immediately!

Now you can focus on what’s important: developing your business and growing your customers. The result is a seamless user experience, from checkout to delivery.

Customisation possibilities.

What is a White Label Payment Gateway?

A white label payment gateway allows you to use the same back-end banking software as your clients, but it will be branded with your own name and logo. The idea behind this kind of service is that it allows PSPs to offer the same high-quality service as current market leaders without having to invest heavily in software development and maintenance. For example, if you have your own online store and need a payment gateway that works seamlessly with Stripe or PayPal (two very popular payment processors), then using an existing solution would mean paying for both a white label version of these services plus ongoing maintenance costs. But by using one of our white label products instead, you’ll only pay for what You need – and we’ll take care of everything else!

Maintenance freedom.

A white label payment gateway allows you to focus on your core business. You can rely on a third-party provider to take care of all the technical and administrative aspects of running a payment processing system, including:

  • Upgrades, maintenance and support for the system
  • New features or services as they are developed
  • Adding new currencies or payment methods

Access to new technologies and features.

When you are a white label payment gateway, you can also benefit from access to new technologies and features. Here are some examples:

  • You have the ability to integrate your white label payment gateway with other services that are relevant for your business. This could include things like loyalty programs or gift cards.
  • You can use new technologies that may not be available on the market yet, but could provide great value for your customers and clients.

A white label payment gateway is a great solution for PSPs.

A white label payment gateway is a great solution for PSPs.

Why? Because it’s a cost-effective, fast and easy way to enter the market, you can customise it to your needs and requirements, you have total maintenance freedom and access to new technologies and features.


White label payment gateway is a great solution for PSPs. It allows you to quickly enter the market, while giving you the freedom to customise your product. In addition, it provides access to new technologies and features that would otherwise take years of development time and millions of dollars in investment.

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