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What do we do?

We understand what it takes to start a business: enthusiasm for innovation, a problem-solving mindset, dependable resources, and, most importantly, a fantastic team. Fortunately, we have everything we need to provide a simple and painless payment experience. Payomatix will help you scale your business by guiding you through the process of managing numerous payment channels using a single API platform. We want to eliminate segmentation and provide unification to your payments, giving you complete control over transactions, as well as better risk management and security

We've come to change India's payment infrastructure!

Our Strength

The numerous years of hardwork invested in the global payment industry have given us a strong foundation. We are proud to be a value-driven organisation. Payomatix’s mission is to provide best-in-class payment solutions while also using technology to improve the world.

We have a strategic advantage over others due to our professional experience in terms of expertise, industry contacts, global exposure, and a global presence.

Faith, client experience, technological innovation, and a never-ending drive to be the best are the pillars on which we operate as an organisation.

The Problem

In India or all over the globe, processing payments is all about convenience, security, and speed. The Indian payment ecosystem has remarkably evolved making the payment infrastructure convenient and highly advanced.

Despite moving ahead with the payments technology, the structure is still behind considerably, resulting in disorganized and unpredictable complications like payment failure, poor customer experience, fraudulent activities in the payment industry.

Everything is segmented according to the merchant’s solutions, which effectively implies that if a merchant has to switch to a different payment processor, they must configure a new payment gateway, which brings businesses additional trouble.

The shift needs extra time and extra effort to configure new APIs, new technologies and hence is an additional resource-hungry procedure. We are here to fix this issue, by offering an innovative solution to the payments process, enabling a better experience for the merchants. We aim at delivering one uniform API integration supporting numerous payment methods and operators.

The Solution

We are utilising innovative payment gateway features to help our merchants expand their company and enhance their convenience. To expand the business and increase its scalability, it may be important to connect to many gateways, resulting in more successful transactions.

Payomatix will develop a unique payment solution for its merchants that will contain a single API with integrations for all payment gateways, allowing merchants to spend less time switching and generate more profit.

We allow merchants the power to select and utilise whatever payment gateway they wish, as long as it suits their risk appetite. The merchant can select one or more payment gateways at a time and maintain control over the modifications. By delivering a single API technological solution to merchants across the country, we hope to transform the payment business in India. We will lend a helpful hand to merchants looking for worldwide solutions as they expand. Our mission is to assist in the global expansion of Indian Payment Standards.

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