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We want to implement a framework that bridges the gap between Indian and international payment standards while also regenerating the Indian payment ecosystem.

The Payomatix's Story

Our adventure began 15 years ago when our founder made the choice to enter the payments industry with the goal of revolutionising the payments infrastructure. Since that first leap of faith, our team has launched a number of payment processing companies around the world, collaborating with global industry giants such as Wirecard, Paysafe, Elavon, and Nuvi, among others.

We’re all over the world, from Latin America to Africa, Europe to Asia, and we’re continually exploring new ways to make payments as quick and easy as possible. We concluded it was the right time to enter India after building and securing our global presence, with the Indian payment ecosystem emerging and growing at a rapid rate. Our mission is to revolutionise the Indian payment industry by providing a simple and intuitive platform to every business owner in the country, thereby empowering online transactions.

Our Culture

At Payomatix, our most valuable asset is our people. Since we are already present abroad, we have a global workforce with diverse experiences and bring a range of ideas, perspectives, and diversity to the table. Our ethics revolve around connecting with our employees and ensuring they know that they are valued and appreciated; because it is their sincere efforts that have helped us build a workforce that is committed, long-term, and willing to take bold pursuits head-on to contribute towards fulfilling the company’s goals. Like our solution, we believe in the individuality of each team member while progressing towards building a dedicated team.

Why PayoMatix?

PayoMatix checkout service is beneficial for everyone; from businesses who are new to the world of online payments to those who already have an existing payment gateway.

Easy management system

Easy management system We bring convenience to both fronts of the payment process. Our single dashboard management system makes monitoring and managing your business transaction a breeze. Now, you don’t have to waste time and energy on your financial system.

A simplified and secured payment process

We reduce the hassles associated with integrating various payment gateways into a single structure. Our innovative payment system connects numerous PSPs via a single API, streamlining the digital payment process, speeding up transactions, eliminating errors, and increasing revenue.


We employ a cost-driven approach to our partnership with you. Our payment process cuts extra costs and charges incurred from integrating multiple PSPs separately, thereby boosting your business profits.

Superior customer payment experience

As a result of our commitment to prioritising your business, our fintech technology incorporates a sophisticated routing system that enables clients to seamlessly move between payment methods. 

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